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Digital illustration of a girl with black hair, fair colored skin, wearing a white lab coat with goggles on. In front of her is a black dog with goggles on and its tongue sticking out. The dog also has a white lab coat on. The background of the image is a light purple with a DNA double helix on the left hand side.

Yujia Ding

M.S., M.A.Ed., Ed.D. 
Scientist, Educator, Mentor, Scholar, Disability Warrior

My lab assistant, Griffey, and I are on a fight to ensure that individuals with disabilities face no barriers in their quest to pursue whatever their heart desires. 


Areas of Expertise

APA 7 Editing | Dissertation and Doctoral Project Consulting | Biology Tutoring and Lessons | Disability Research and Advocacy | Course Development | Accessibility and Inclusion in STEM Consulting | Mentorship

A scientist by training, Yujia followed her heart into education. It is her wish to use her personal and professional lived experiences to ensure that others do not face the same uphill battles she has had. Whether it is helping someone reach their academic goals or supporting an individual with disabilities pursue their passion, she hopes to travel this journey with you.

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